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Why 'Zuczenia'...

The first question I usually get is “Why did you name your business ‘Zuczenia Designs’?” So today I will explain the back story…

It’s really quite simple. Those that have known me since my single days (a long, long, LONG time ago in the 90’s - which is now considered ‘vintage’ - ouch), you will remember that this was my maiden name. You'll probably also remember my 90's hair - yikes!

Moving on....I got made fun of a LOT in school because of that name! So part of the reason I chose it is to redeem it.

The easiest way to pronounce it is to think of a zucchini and a zinnia.

Take the first part of the word ‘zucchini’ and add ‘zinnia’.

Try it. ZuccZinnia.

Or sound it out like this ‘zook-zinnia’. Does that help?

Take your time. I’ve got all day. And I’ve been doing this my whole life!

Having a name that’s hard to pronounce and hard to spell has made me acutely aware of other peoples’ names and I strive to pronounce them correctly. I always hated it when people butchered my name or shortened it!

But with maturity comes grace, and I’d like to think I’ve grown in both! So if you just cannot pronounce it or spell it, no worries, I’m ok with that!

The other reason, and THE main reason I chose to use it to name my business is because my sister is the last Zuczenia in the entire United States!

Think about that for a moment.

How many people are in the United States with YOUR last name?

My only brother lives in Argentina and his son has two daughters. So our name will unfortunately not be around past my nephew’s life (which I hope is a long, long, loooooong life!). Unless he and his wife have more babies. Which is a possibility. This is my way to make an impression on history.

The internet is forever. Or so I’m told. I’m hoping this name will outlive all of us!

The last reason I chose to use it was because my dad was a master cabinet maker and my mom was a master seamstress. Neither one attended high school.

Both taught themselves their respective crafts beginning in their childhood. And they excelled at them! There was no YouTube videos of how to do things back then. No Google to look things up. You were on your own.

They also didn't have a typical childhood and teen years. Both had large families and had to look out for their many siblings along with taking care of the family farms.

We need a return to the skilled trades. Who's with me?

My dad and my uncle built this gazebo for a client. Pretty amazing. Lots of little pieces. This was no kit, they had to figure it out from a drawing. That takes talent.

This is a picture of my parents on their wedding day. My mom made her wedding dress. THAT'S pretty impressive for someone who was a self-taught seamstress!


In this picture my mom was one of the bridesmaids (she's the one next to the tall guy). She made the bridesmaids suits - for both of them! This was the 1950's and tailored clothing was quite 'in'. She also made men's suits.

I’m sure it helped that they were both perfectionists! Throughout their lives they were often called on to do the tedious, detailed work required by some very discriminating clients. Neither of them is with us any more, and it is my hope that my little company will keep them alive in the great World Wide Web.

So there you are! Your deepest, most pressing question ANSWERED!


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