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March Madness

The month of March is, of course, all about the color GREEN.

This is one of my mostest favoritest of colors (I have favorites, then most favorites, and mostest favoritest.)

I know, I’m loca, just humor me please.

Green means life and new beginnings, therefore its the perfect color to usher out winter and herald in spring!

Check out this absolutely GORGEOUS spa in Vietnam:

The trailing vines along this outdoor walkway are just divine! I can almost hear the birds chirping and the warm breeze softly swaying the vines.

I’m SO ready for the warmth of the sun!

If you’re like me and NOT traveling to a gorgeous spa on the other side of the world anytime soon, perhaps this sumptuous emerald green sofa could find its way into your abode:

Don’t be green with envy! Go here and check it out for yourself - it’s only $2200! That’s a steal for a tailored mid century vibe at home in any space.

If a sofa is not gonna be happening for you anytime soon, then perhaps adding it through paint or accessories? This bathroom is spot on for this month!

And all the gold accents….


Here’s some more inspiration:

If you’re still looking for more of that fabulous green shade, click here to check out my Pinterest board: All Things G R E E N .


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