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Country Elegance Wedding

Choosing a wedding date in Seattle is quite a challenge if you’re looking for a sunny day.

Most brides prefer June weddings but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it if you’re getting married outdoors!

It IS still spring after all and the weather can be quite unpredictable.

When I got married in Seattle some 20 years ago...

(hot damn I cannot believe it’s been that long! Although some days it does feel like it’s been 100 years! Know what I mean?)

...I wanted to be sure it wasn’t going to rain, so we (HA! “we” makes it sound like Farmboy had an option. Nope. Buttercup had the final say on just about everything!)

Let’s start over...I picked a Saturday in August and it was perfect of course!

When my sister in law asked for my help for my nephew’s August wedding this summer, I was over the moon! They had picked the perfect outdoor location in the country and the planning began in earnest.

I had a ton of ideas to run by them!

The bride picked the perfect shade of Tiffany blue, lace and burlap accents, soft pink roses with tons of baby’s breath. She had been envisioning this wedding for months and was SO excited to begin.

I thought I was going to pass out.

I truly hate, ok, ‘hate’ is a strong word...despise lace, burlap and baby’s breath.


This was gonna be tough.

BUT, I swallowed my pride and began designing a beautiful wedding - but first I enlisted lots of help! Oh, and did I mention this was a long distance wedding for me? That was quite difficult as I've never done it before!

- Farmboy cut out and stained all the wood needed for the signs.

- My amazing daughter, Monica, personally hand painted each sign and burlap placemat.

- My incredible sister-in-law meticulously hand tied each leaf stem to the hula hoop 'G'.

- And, of course, the bride and her soon to be mother-in-law had a blast picking out rentals!

Working on this wedding was a total flashback to the 90's when I designed my own wedding! Except I refused to use baby's breath!

Yep. That's me, some 20 plus years ago.

See. Wedding color trends just keep coming back around every 20 years or so. This was popular in the 70's too.

I often tell my teen daughter that I cannot wait to see what trend comes back when she's in her 40's!

Probably whatever she thought was super cool in HER teen years.

It all has a way to come back to haunt us!

Back to the wedding at hand....

The venue had a giant permanent tent structure set up on the property that would hold all the guest tables and a rustic gazebo type structure for the ceremony nestled among a little bamboo forest. Super romantic!

The bride wanted every super simple with clean lines - a girl after my own heart!

The couple was happy, the groom’s mom was happy and I loved the final result!

Burlap is not so bad after all, although we had fuzz blowing around our house for weeks after the event from cutting out all the squares!

But baby’s breath! That's another story. Made my house smell super bad. Cannot wait until brides move on from this 70’s trend.


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