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Love is in the air!

Ah, Valentine's Day! A day to celebrate love new and old. A day to spend money we don't have to impress people we don't care about (i.e. your loved one's co-workers who subconsciously compete for who got the biggest flower arrangement delivered to them at work and how big the long awaited engagement ring is).

Yeah. Been there, done that.

Ah, love. Over-rated, some may say.


But today I want to talk about the love you have for your space. Your home. Casa. Abode. Maison.

Do you love it? Does it love you back? Yeah, that's kinda creepy. Let's try again....

Do you look forward to coming home?


Do you feel re-charged after you've spent time in your space?

Do you entertain?


Or are you embarrassed by the disorganization and mis-matched hand me downs?


I'm here to tell you it's possible to once again love, love, LOVE your space. Whether you're a DIY'er or need someone to do it for you, I'm here to guide you to design that space that will spark your creativity; re-energize you and recharge you; a space you will be excited to show off and entertain in.

Let's dream together....

White space

Natural wood kitchen cabinets with black accents will inspire you to experiment in the kitchen and begin hosting friends and family so you can show off your beautiful space.


Bold turquoise and orange great room - sure to bring a smile to your face!

Turquoise and orange great room

Calming and classic black and white bathroom with natural wood accents.


Dramatic black wall!

Black wall

Or how about a cherished family photo blown up and mounted as a mural on a wall. A great reminder of happy times gone by!

Photo mural

Chandelier. Who doesn't love a crystal chandelier? Here's a modern version that will be a conversation starter at your next event, and one that few will forget.


Ready to love your space?


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