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Blue January Inspiration

I'm not sure why, but the month of January always makes me think of the color blue. Any shade of blue, from the gray blue haze of the winter sky to the indigo blue of new jeans. Maybe it's because there's not much in the way of green vegetation in my corner of the world this time of year. The only color I see is the crisp wintry white of the snow on the ground and all the varying shades of blues in the sky.

Turquoise is my absolute favorite shade of blue! It makes me utterly and completely happy. Navy blue comes in at a close second, but turquoise will always have my heart. Those who come to my house are astounded by the incredible amount of turquoise objects I have amassed! (One of these days I will post pictures of my house.)

Below are some gorgeous blue finds to brighten up your winter, whether you live in Florida or Alaska, you're sure to find something to bring a smile to your face! Enjoy!

In love with these blue and white tiles with random patterns! You're tile setter will LOVE you because you can't go wrong with the placement!

Domino Magazine

This color board from Pottery Barn is timeless.

Pottery Barn

Ah...glaciers! Incredible blue shades deep in the ice.


I need this cozy coat in my closet. Perfect color to counter all the black and gray I tend to wear in winter. And the coffee would be wonderful as well on this frigid 11 degree day! Brrrr.

Cozy blue coat

Agates. My favorite.rock.ever. I have coasters and book ends made out of these and they bring me much joy!

Blue agate

This living room is painted in Sherwin Williams' Naval. I had the vaulted ceiling of our last house painted this color way before it was popular and it made me feel like I was under a clear night sky way outside of the city. I will use this shade again in my current house, perhaps in our master bedroom....

Sherwin Williams Naval

This frosted blueberry refuses to accept the fact that it's the middle of winter. Gotta love the determination! I wonder if it will still taste good when the frost thaws?

Frozen blueberry

Crate and Barrel has a great collection of blue objects, from vases to candleholders....

Crate and Barrel blues

Water! Oh how I miss the ocean and all the shades of blue in it!


Watercolor hues....


Finishing off this blue inspiration post with my favorite shades of blue!

Better Homes and Gardens pain palette

I hope you've enjoyed all this blue inspiration on this winter's day! Now its time for a hot cup of coffee and perhaps an internet search for that cozy blue coat :).


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