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5 light fixtures that will transform your space

Lighting can make or break a space. Oftentimes, in the best lit rooms, you don't even notice the light fixtures unless they are statement pieces. But you do notice when a space isn't lit correctly! Especially a space in which you need to perform a task, such as a kitchen or an office. Other spaces, like living rooms and bedrooms, can get away with lighting that isn't very bright. But I always advise my clients to have layers of lighting in a room.

You should begin planning your space with adequate overhead lighting for the necessary tasks in the room, such as recessed lighting in your ceiling, then you add a chandelier or two that can be used with or without the recessed lighting. After that, you add the 'fun' lighting that sets the mood for the space - table lamps, floor lamps, candles, sconces. The idea is flexibility so that you can have all the lighting options on when overall illumination is required, but you can also choose to just have the chandeliers on or just the lamps to create a warm glow that invites you to relax and enjoy your space. Don't forget to add dimmers too!

Here are some ideas of each of the lighting options I described above to get your imagination going:

1. Statement pendants over a kitchen island add immediate personality to your space! My favorite part is the gleaming interior of the pendant which allows even more light to reflect down on your countertop.

2. Mid-Century modern chandeliers have been making a comeback for some time now and look great in any space. This version of the Sputnik chandelier will fit in with just about any decor - from traditional to minimalist.

3. How about these arc lamps? I love using these tucked in the corner behind a sectional.

Arc Lamp from Restoration Hardware

4. Table lamps. I always opt for sleek, clean lined lamp bases with basic, round drum shades that will look great for many years to come and will weather whatever trend comes your way!

Gabrielle Table Lamp from Z Gallery

5. Sconces are a great option in bathrooms. Make sure you hang them at about 5'5" off the ground - similar to hanging artwork. They need to be close to eye level so they accentuate your face in the most flattering way. I've been to many bathrooms where the sconces were hung too high and they make you look like you've got bags under your eyes - not a pretty sight!

Sconces from Residences at Georgia

Whichever options you choose for lighting your space, make sure you have lots of layers - just like a cake! The more layers, the better illumination and atmosphere in your space.


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