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10 Vacation Worthy Backyards

Here's some inspiration to turn your backyard into an oasis you cannot wait to enjoy after a long day's work!

I'm inspired by the many places I've been blessed to visit, from the tropics to the snowy mountains - there's something here for everyone!

And the best part?

NO packing and NO security lines at the airport!


1. This first one is in the middle of a city but feels a thousand miles away:

2. This one is on a tiny lot in the middle of suburbia. They used every square inch!

3. This one looks so peaceful and it's so easy to put together! A gazebo kit, table and chairs, planters and LOTS of lights. I can almost hear the crickets chirping!

4. For those of you fortunate enough to have a pool in a tropical locale, the simplicity of this one reminds me of a five star resort. Just need someone to bring me a drink with a little umbrella!

5. Ahhhhh....a bed swing. What better way to relax and imagine you're somewhere else! No tree? No problem! Hang it in your porch or put in some posts and a cross beam and swing away!

6. Boho chic. This reminds me of a beach, I can almost hear the waves crashing in the distance...all that's missing is a bonfire!

7. If you're smack dab in the middle of a city and are blessed with a teeny tiny patio, take advantage of a wall and add a GIANT mirror! It will reflect the tiny space and make it look way bigger than it is. Tres chic!

8. The inevitable lake house. We all dream of having one! But you can bring many of the ideas to your own space by adding rocks and sinking in the fire pit:

9. For those who would rather be in touch with the great outdoors, why not create a space similar to this one? Tree stump seating and cozy wool blankets are super inviting year round! S'mores anyone?

10. And finally, for those snow lovers out there (of which I am most definitely not!). Adding a mod fireplace, some simple furniture and super cozy blankets will be sure to make that delicious hot chocolate taste amazing! The snow covered scenery is the only accessory you need.

Want more ideas? Check out my Pinterest board Outdoor Spaces by clicking here.


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